About Us
Admittedly, the world has become a global village
and more so international commerce where we rely on our global network
to enable our clients build their business in other jurisdictions.

Known for it’s high – end creative and innovative legal solutions. Kolmarek Law Chambers is a leading commercial and corporate law firm operating in Juba – South Sudan. Established in the early 2015 with intention to provide effective and efficient legal services to meet the distinctive needs of our clients.

Characterized by rapid growth of the private business sector; South Sudan is an up and coming  country, and the need for a well – rounded commercial law firm with expertise that cut across the local and international commercial best practices is key to ensure excellent quality legal services.

Our team consist of highly qualified and experienced lawyers with several years of advisory in the private and public sector bodies, Non – governmental organizations and  the diplomatic corps, and private persons in South Sudan and internationally. We believe our significant experience in the public sector and government relations gives us the edge you need for your legal solutions.

What we do

We provide legal services that allow our clients to achieve best possible results while minimizing legal risk and at an optimal cost. Guided by professional code of ethics, craftsmanship, and the exercise of the highest level of confidentiality. Everything we do has to meet the highest possible standards in our day – to – day work, and above all must stand the test of public scrutiny.


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