Qualified Lawyers

Keep an eye out for job openings on our website and other platforms i.e NGO Forum. You can email your resume and cover letter to  should you wish to be considered for a position at our law firm.


We offers internship for a period of six (6) months, this duration, however, can be renewed for another three (3) months based on the needs of the student subject to approval by the senior management. Successful interns will receive a stipend every month to cover their transportation, lunch and communication.

To be considered for internship, applicant must fulfil the following:

  1. Final year of their Law studies at a recognized University;
  2. Provide reference/recommendation letter confirming your status as a student;
  3. Excellent in written and spoken English, Arabic is an added advantage.

An invitation for new applications will be placed on our website and other platforms for new recruits. Note that Kolmarek Law Chambers reserves the right to decline even when the above requirements are met.